The Four Sworn
original series by author Lenore Sagaskie

Friends of the Four

These are my friends, people that I admire or individuals that have earned my undying appreciation.  Check them out, they are all amazing!  

Robert Roblin, photographer, director, producer, screen writer. Click here to check out his facebook page.

Amy Foster, artist, teacher and character in The Four Sworn.  Click here to look at her work or her gallery show and class schedule.

Wil Wideman, inspirational Viking, kindred spirit and blacksmith extraordinaire. Click here to check out his work!

Tristan Ward, Writer, Director, Producer of Stranded! Click here to like his film on Facebook!

The Canadian Nerd, because they are Canadian too eh? Click here to check out their you tube coverage of conventions and all things nerdy!

Sharon Stevenson
, amazing writer of the After Death Series and The Gallows. Click here to check out her website!

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